Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Anti-Islam Discourse of Medieval Europe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Anti-Islam Discourse of Medieval Europe - Essay Example Anti-Islam Discourse of Medieval Europe This anti-Islam discourse had begun and has been propagated for centuries as the West has continued to link terrorism to Islam, launching a series of attacks in their backyards in their supposed attempts to avert and defeat terror. This rhetoric has grown stronger in recent years as most of the highly profiled enemies of peace and the war on terror have been defined as Muslims. All these have led to a generalized fear of Islam and Muslims, a situation that has been described by several intellectuals and activists as Islamophobia. This has been evidenced by acts such as vandalism of their places of worship, increasing hate crimes against people thought to be Muslim, and sensational coverage by the press of the threats posed by the Muslim community. Some of the selective policing and surveillance that is focused on the Muslim communities and a widespread assumption is that Islam is antithetical to values democratic have also been influenced. This common fear has led to even further for mulation of government policies that have posed a threat to the civil liberties of the Muslims living in such western countries. As a result, there has been hostile, and a suspicious relation experienced between these two worlds. This radicalization and Orientalism by the Western nations begun when these nations, regarding themselves as superior, felt the need to conquer and civilize the societies they regarded as uncivilized and exotic in their practices.

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