Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Analysis on Luxury Car Market in India

I also would like to thank her for letting me start my internship late so that I could get into an internship that I would like. . I want to thank Audi for taking me in as an intern, training me, and giving me a chance to hone my skills in marketing. My experience in this company taught me valuable lessons which will be with me even when I start my career and step into the corporate world. I also want to thank Ms. Ayesha Khan , the Assistant Marketing Manager(Direct Marketing) of the company for not only being my external guide but also a mentor. She was there to support me in all the work I took up in his company and encouraged me to implement my ideas. Table of Contents Executive summary Company profile History 1 Organizational structure 21 Audi in India 24 Reviews of Audi’s car lineup 35 Comparing Audi, BMW and Mercedes 69 Industry analysis Automobile industry in India 77 Luxury Car Market in India 80 Recent trends and developments in luxury car segment 86 Analysis and interpretation Questionnaire And Data Collection 88 Which is preferred more Audi, Mercedes or BMW 93 Why an Indian customer would like to spend on a luxury car? 4 Findings and discussions Bottlenecks in the industry 103 Suggestions and Recommendations The 8 speed Tiptronic transmission is very good, and is much smoother in casual driving than the S-tronic, and it shifts just as fast (we’ve driven both). Audi tells us that the TDI will be following in year 2 for the A7, though we’ve driven it in Europe with the 3. 0TDI, and it’s quite simply amazing. Torque junkies, you want the 3. 0TDI. Connecting the front and rear axles is an all new Crown Gear center differential. This unit is more compact (lighter) and more efficient than the previous Torsen center differentials, and allows for more rearward bias than before. Its still 100% mechanical, but uses a different arrangement of crown and pinion gears, with the addition of mechanically activated clutchpacks to do its thing. Weve driven the A7 on ice and snow, and can verify that the crown gear center diff works exceedingly well. Off the line, the A7 launches firmly, certainly fast enough to excite your passengers and others around you. In Tiptronic mode, drivers will want to make quick work with the shifter lever to keep up with the relatively short ratios and quick revving engine. Audi says the A7 3. TFSI will run to 60 in 5. 4 seconds. We didn’t put a watch to it, but that seems about right, if maybe a little pessimistic. This car is really quick off the line, and the throttle to smile relationship is very close. Merging onto the highway, passing on 2 lane roads, and just general hooning are easy, and hugely fun. On the highway, the A7 has more than ample power for cruising at legal and beyond speeds. Because of the smooth and quiet natu re of the car, it’s all too easy to find yourself clicking along at speeds that the nice man in the

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