Sunday, October 6, 2019

Sociopolitical Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Sociopolitical Paper - Essay Example vel will require to use a lot of time and resources in studying the pros and cons of the car and even more time in changing the existing road safety laws and having to formulate new ones on manufacturing, production as well as distribution. This will lead to political implications both negative and positive. The automotive industry owners will also need to get new manufacturing equipment, seek scientists and software technocrats to install the technology or use billions in purchasing the technology from Google with the returns not being felt for several more years. The first users have to incur the high cost of production through the high price of the vehicles. The impacts are acceptable. The future stakeholders are the consumers and the automotive industries that have to bear and meet the high costs of production as well as the laws changing. However, even though the initial costs may be high, the returns in the long run will be worth it with the numerous benefits these cars are promising to bring to the human generation. The government is bound to adopt the technology because in the long it will save lives and billions of dollars in road repairs and other infrastructure that are constantly damaged by road accidents, it will save on money used when drivers are arrested and charged for traffic violation among offences in relation to cars and roads. The consumers will adopt as it will save on insurance money, expenses of car repair and traffic violation as well as letting people text while still driving. When people adopt the technology and view its advantages, the other stakeholders will benefit in increased profit through mass production due to high demand. The engineers are concerned with making the car as safe as possible as their main aim is to reduce the human loss and health problem brought about by accidents. The engineers are therefore concerned with adding as many safety features as possible while at the same time ensuring the cost will not be too much

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