Thursday, July 25, 2019

BSC (Hons) Social Work. Children and Families module Essay

BSC (Hons) Social Work. Children and Families module - Essay Example It is, thus, that the dissertation shall explore the problem of homelessness in Great Britain, although with particular focus on youth homelessness in the Luton area. The study’s immediate motive and rationale emanate from the fact that the researcher was once, herself, homeless as a consequence of domestic violence. This first-hand experience has given the researcher a valuable insight into the implications of homelessness, as in the risk factors which the homeless are exposed to and the reasons why this problem is not an individual but a societal one. Added to the above mentioned, the rationale for the study further emanates from the incontrovertible importance of the problem itself and the imperatives of identifying the causes of homelessness and designing a preventative strategy. Jus as a means of emphasising the importance of the identified problem, hence, the motives of the study, it is well worth mentioning that the United Kingdom has the highest homelessness rate in the European Union and, one of the highest in the West. One out of every 250 people is homeless. Of this figure, it is estimated that, at least, a quarter of a million youth are living on the streets (Hall, 2003). London is the most affected area with homelessness rates twice the average for all other areas across the United Kingdom. In Luton, the focus of the study, statistics released by the Luton Borough Council indicate that there are at least 1,150 homeless households in the area, with studies indicating an undeniable potential for growth (`Homeless strateg y,’ 2003). In other words, the problem is a serious and important one, well-worth investigating. As may have been deduced from the foregoing, the problem of homelessness is not simply an important and serious one but it is expansive in scope. Accordingly, the researcher had to limit and define the scope of the study. To this extent, the dissertation will centre on the question of whether homelessness is a

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