Saturday, July 27, 2019

Patient-Physician relationship Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Patient-Physician relationship - Assignment Example This sets humans apart from any other animal that humans may use as commercial commodities. This way, Kant sets humans apart thereby influencing the formation of ethical values. â€Å"Human beings are above any price† is a phenomenal explanation in Kant’s explanation of human dignity. As explain earlier, Kant argues that human life is special and has value that sets it apart from any other form of life on earth. Other animals both wild and domestic have life just as humans. However, they lack dignity. Humans on the other hand occupy a dignified position in the society and have authority over other animals. As such, humans can use the other animals as commercial commodities thereby obtain financial benefits. However, a human can never use another as a commercial commodity owing to the similarity in the value of human life. This therefore limits human interactions since each human has a dignity. Personalism is a fundamental school of thought in philosophy that explains th e uniqueness of God and that of humans. The concept of personalism compares humans to other animals and establishes that humans are superior beings that have both dignity and free will. The two are fundamental features in humans that help set them apart from other animals thereby establishing the relationship that humans have with God, the creator. Self-consciousness is a unique human feature that influences human activity and their pursuit for happiness. The concept of personalism is therefore important in the formulation of ethical principles.

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