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Developing Leadership Attributes

Successful leaders are not born but made; everybody else has the chance to become the effective leader they desire to be. The development of good leadership is a never ending process that involves education self study, training as well as experience. Great leaders are impeccable persons who speak with integrity, one who does not take anything at a personal level. A person with a conviction that other people do and say things in a way that projects own perception is definitely a great leader. An effective leader is that individual who never makes assumptions about things that they do not understand.They always have the courage to ask and seek answers and do normally express themselves on what they actually want or need to be done. Through proper communication styles, an effective leader is able to establish clearly what his or her follows and anyone else want so as to avoid any chance of a misunderstanding. Through this the leader is able to transform an otherwise ordinary management into successful leadership. A great leader always does his best and in the best interest of the organization or followers.This is because, when a leader performs his or her best, he or she is able to change from one moment to another and will also enable him or her to avoid situations of self-abuse, self-judgment as well as regret. This paper is about leadership attributes. It is a discussion on various interviews carried out what managers as well as employees think of a leader and why they think certain people are successful leaders while others do not. It begins with an introduction of what leadership is, then in the second section it describes the three various attributes that are considered by the interviewees.Also discussed are recommendations on how to effectively implement and develop the plan for these attributes. Leadership can generally be termed as a process through which an individual is able to influence others to achieve an objective, while at the same time directing t he organization or followers in such a way that they operate coherently and cohesively. In order to achieve this, effective leaders manage this process through their leadership attributes, like beliefs, ethics, values, knowledge, skills as well as character.Often, people confuse management with leadership. Albeit the position an individual has in an organization or the society as a whole enables him or her to be in a position of authority to carry out specific tasks it does not however make him or her leader. In fact all it does is guaranteeing you the position of a boss from which to exercise the power bestowed. The difference between leadership and management is that a leader does certain things that make his or her followers want to accomplish high goals, instead of just bossing them around.When an individual qualifies you as a leader, she or he is not necessarily thinking about your attributes, but instead observes the things that you do in order for him or her to understand who you really. For instance, when an employee in one of the leading food stores was asked why she has been at the same work place for over 10 years, her response was â€Å" I have never met any person who believes in me like my first branch manager. When I joined the company, I used to be a waitress with no college degree said Chantel. â€Å"But with time, my manger realized the potential I had, and advised me to register for part time classes.Through this is i have managed to rise through the ranks and right now am manager†. Another employee in the medium level industry who believes that a great leader is someone who is able to help others advance by aiding them to overcome, barriers to personal effectiveness was Jefferson. He said â€Å"When I was faced with an eviction notice, I could not find a place to put up, and my performance at work deteriorated. But before I could discuss it with anyone, my immediate supervisor approached me and we talked about my dilemma.Later the manger called me and told me what the supervisor had suggested. The following day I was given a cheque (advance) and thereafter my performance, attitude and punctuality tremendously improve† Said he. He further adds that ever since he has always tried to get the best out of everyone by focusing on their strengths and at the same looking for ways to overcome the barriers. Largely I have been successful even though there are a few people who have disappointed by I learned a lot of respect with so many people looking up to me† said Jefferson.In order to develop this attribute one must first of all understand who and what they are. This can be achieved through being technically, proficient – a leader must know his or her job and have a familiarity with his or her employee. He or she must also make sound decisions through good problem solving skills, being good role model by setting good examples and at the same time now and understand the people you are dealing or wor king by and understanding of human nature as well as the significant of sincerity while caring for others.For instance, Jefferson was able to develop because he had a boss who believed in him and understand his problems with good problem solving skills the supervisor was able to get him out of the situation and at the same time motivate him while also showing that he cares. An effective leader too, should be one who is ready to take risks by proposing new ideas and supporting those of others. A nurse at Healing Hands Hospital says that when she first started working at the hospital six years ago, the problem of bed space for patients was very acute.However, when the manager called for staff meeting and asked for proposals on how to handle the situation. She remembers making a contribution of contracting various insurance agencies to build the extra bed spaces. On her part the manager proposed that home-based care be practiced through electronic transmission. Both of the ideas were i ncorporated and up to now the hospital have managed to provide acute health care 3 fold the initial number. This is a demonstration of effective leadership according to this nurse. To her when the manger decided the new idea, which had not been anywhere else, she took a great risk.Even though, she manger had implemented the electronic system, she did not just stop these and incorporated others ideas. The nurse has been able to practice the art of risk taking while also listening to new ideas while not paying lip service. Supporting this idea was a college tutor who had been approached by his principle on which methods of teaching could be adopted by the college to improve their performance. When asked what made this special to him Shawn says â€Å"just by the mere thought of approaching me alone was a great idea, even if it was not implement it meant so much to me.It made a whole difference when I realized part of my suggestions were considered. † Being that I was new at the college I did not envisage this situation. But, it was timely as I was able to bring new ideas from my old school that worked for the school alongside others. When a manager engages in risks and listens to others according to these two it is a sure way of being an effective leader. There are sure ways in which these can be achieved. First design the plan of seeking responsibility and at the same time take responsibility for the actions by finding new ways to lead the organizations to new heights.Always do an analysis of the situation never lay the blame on others. Through risk taking a leader can begin by making timely and sound decisions through good problem solving skills, planning tools as well as good decision-making. Great leaders inspire their followers toward a shared hopeful vision and future. This can be achieved by first articulating the vision to the followers by finding a process that they believe in then sharing the vision in ways and works than can be understood by eve ryone (followers).The leader can then empower the followers with tools as well as methods to solve problems and improve their solution. He ors he can then model the way in case the situation gets murky, the leader is able to demonstrate what can be done while at the same time sharing the glory with the heart of the followers and keeping the pain in his or her own heart. A manager at a local retail store believes that her effective leadership has be achieved through her actions.For instance, she makes it her business to help employees understand the corporations overall business strategy, how they can contribute toward achieving the essential goals and sharing information with them. All these she summarizes by effectively communicating the company’s vision. Supporting this attribute is a waitress at liquor store who has been amazed by her manager’s makes it his point to attend to patrons who seem unruly and disrespectful. Instead of forcing them to handle the situations he makes it his business. She says â€Å"He does it with finesse that you can’t help but admire and then apply his skills later. 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