Friday, September 13, 2019

Approach to Marketing vs Value Approach Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Approach to Marketing vs Value Approach - Essay Example All the four P’s are classified to as the marketing mix. The most important thing is the product and should satisfy the consumer. The price is the amount that the customer pays for the product. The things that should be put into consideration when setting up a price is the neutral pricing, market skimming price and the penetration pricing. The price determines the companies’ profit. Promotion is basically all the skills of advertising brought together to market products. Place is the same as distribution and it is the location where the consumers go to purchase the products (Ramas, 2012). When it comes to marketing all the aspects of retaining and attracting more customers becomes a priority. This is achieved by creating, communicating, and delivering to the customers. Advertising of the products is very important through magazines, newspapers, internet ads and TV advertising. There are other ways of making the products to prosper in the market like the branding, pricing, promotion, product design and many others. Marketing is very important since one cannot run a business without customers. They are the most important stakeholders in businesses (Charles, 2010) Creating, communicating, and delivering values to customers gives us what a good definition of marketing is. Both marketing and market mix are important and go hand in hand to achieve a good successful

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