Saturday, September 7, 2019

ASA Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

ASA Questions - Essay Example ASA automatically allows the flow of packets from this high level to the lower un-trusted level without the need for an ACL explicitly allowing for the packet flow. (Santos, 2010) The un-trusted network, usually an outside network is allocated the lowest security level, 0, given its low network level beside the fact that it is the least trusted of all the network zones. ASA by default assigns the outside network security level of zero and automatically limits the flow of network packets from this level to the higher levels`. This security zone falls between the higher level and the lower level and is automatically assigned an even number between 0 and 100 given that it is somewhat trusted and un-trusted at the same time. (Frahim, 2010) User exec is the first level of access in the commend line interface used for changing terminal setting, listing system information and performing basic tasks. It uses AP> or Router > to prompt and logout command to exit. This CLI mode should be password protected to prevent unauthorized use. It is accessed from the user exec mode by issuing the enable command. This mode has a privileged command set which include those at the user exec mode. To exit the mode, disable command is used. (Frahim, 2010) This mode has commands that apply to features that affect the device as a whole. In order to access the global configuration mode, configure command is entered from the Privileged EXEC mode. Exit or end commands can be used to exit the global configuration mode. This configuration mode is used to modify the configuration of the interface. The commands used in this mode usually follow global configuration command used to define the interface type. In order to configure the interface using this mode, terminal is specified from the global configuration mode followed by the specification of the

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