Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Club IT Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Club IT - Assignment Example For instance, organizations normally make use of a computer based information system known as Decision Support System (DSS) to make quick and valuable business decisions after analysis of data. It is noteworthy that information technology is highly significant for effective operation of every organization and as such, Lisa and Ruben should not relent in their effort to integrate information technology in the operations of Club IT. It is relevant to start by pointing out that despite all the efforts applied in extensive remodeling of the club, Club It will not be in a position to exploit its full potential without embracing information technology. Lisa and Ruben will start the journey towards employing IT in Club IT operations by installing appropriate information system (IS) infrastructure within the organization. The key information system infrastructures include hardware, software, databases, network, procedures, and computer proficient individuals (Rainer and Turban, 2009). Key ha rdware to be acquired by Club IT includes CPUs, monitors, and storage devices, while the software will include application programs that will support the club’s systems. ... By installing effective information system infrastructure, Club IT will stand a better chance of gathering and storing vital information about the clients, which may include favorite drinks, music, or services. Information systems will save Lisa and Ruben a great deal in the sense that they will no longer have to engage in paper work, which is too bulky and tedious. Processing of raw data into finished timely, efficient, and reliable information is supported through information system. For instance, Club IT will find it easy to track sale of drinks from the warehouse and consequently accessing the closing stock at the end of the day without physical count. Lisa and Ruben have several information systems at their disposal to improve the Club’s information technology, data management, and decision-making capabilities. They should start by adopting an integrated inventory system that seeks to harmonize all the operations in the supply chain. However, before adopting the inventory system it is important for Reuben and Lisa to consult inventory system vendors for an advice on various requirements that will adequately meet the needs of the Club. Other key stakeholders to be engaged in the system analysis include sales personnel, storekeepers and their respective executives. An inventory System as a computer system it is developed with a view of managing elementary day-to-day transactions of an organization relating to inventory management starting from the suppliers, warehousing and sales (Kelly, 2010). Club IT is engaged in a number of recurring activities, which include sale of particular type of drinks and movement of stock into and out of the warehouse. It is often very cumbersome to

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