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The Jamarat Pedestrian Bridge Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

The Jamarat Pedestrian Bridge - Research Paper Example It occurs that the Islamic Hajj pilgrimage is the largest congregation of people on global repetend (Samarid, 2010). About two million Moslem pilgrims observe Hajj during the twelfth lunar Arabic month. Activities commence on the ninth day and terminate on the twelfth. One of the activities done in Mina adjacent to Makkah is the ramy al-jamarat (Al-Haboubi, 2003). Jamarat was built to ease movement of pilgrims as early as 1936 and has been expanded several times. Apart a religious significance, the built structure serves as a vital logistics piece (Islamic City, 2009). Yet great efforts, the sheer magnitude of pilgrims turn catastrophic. Thus the old bridge is revamped by royal decree for the construction of a multilevel bridge (Islam portal). To define the necessary logistics involved in moving all pilgrims simultaneously, at set times, along stations spanning 10 miles, for about 2.5 million Moslems participating in the weeklong pilgrimage. The stakeholders identified in this initiative are 1-Government: leaders at national and local scale and interrelated institutions, 2-the Islam international community, 3-the design team and workforce, 4-the construction industry, 5-the wisdom keepers or Islamic scholars, Shaikh Ibn Uthaymeen et al. Stakeholder management is a gesture of accountability and responsibility to deliver the project development intent. There is even more expectation in Government led initiatives, wherein it is crucial that project management meets the needs and interests of different stakeholders. To do so necessitates planning with these different groups in mind and to test what fits best. The assessment of stakeholder needs in the Jamarat Bridge Revamp Project requires a tedious understanding of the relationship between a built structure design and how it affects crowd dynamics, and does a built structure ensure safety in intense and complex flows of people. But this is not as simple as it seems because the movement of pilgrims are within a given time frame of the ritual particulars, and the increases in worshipper volume should be accommodated in the continuance of Islam traditionalism. Working with a distinct culture, such as in this circumstance, requires a deeper understanding of norms, dynamics in public interactions, and other sensitivities before exchanges are initiated. There are qualities to learn beforehand engaging stakeholder approval. Lateral approaches in the conduct of coordination are not consistently appreciated within certain social structures. Too much equalisation between interest groups could impede on the project, or stem into

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